What Other Stars Think Of Tina

Bryan Adams
"She's just a rocker man. She's Just a rock n' roll chick. And she loves rock and i think that's what drive her. I had a lot of people ask me to do duets since then but its been a no go. Because once youve sung with the queen who else can you sing with?"
Angela Bassset
"Portraying her life as an artist was my most gratifying creative experience. What a source of insperation her survival has been and can be to others."
David Bowie
"She is great! People go see her for what sher represents. She is a phoenix that has risen from the ashes. She has been through far worse than any of us and has been able to survive it. It is the element of Resoluteness and dicipline that people respect. I think she has an enormous amount of dignity."
Belinda Carlisle
"She's Great"
"10+! I mean, you know she's great. I mean it's like there's only one Tina Turner."
John Fogerty
"Tina Turner doing Proud Mary is one of the most electrifying images in rocck n' roll. Thank you, beautiful Tina, for shooting my song into the stratosphere."
Al Green.
"I think Tina Turner is a legend, a personification of a survivior and an endurer. Tina Turner - Unforgettable"
Whoopi Goldberg
"Only three women make me scream - Judy Garland, Moms Mabely and Tina Turner - Because all three are one of a kind."

Cyndi Lauper
"She has beautiful legs and incredible energy,"
Ann Margaret
"She's a quadruple threat. She sings, she dances, she acts, she writes music. I mean she does everything. I think she's one of the most talented people in the world of entertainment. She can do anything."
Bette Midler
I saw tina Turner for the first time at the filmore east in the late 60's. She was and remains the greatest performer of her time. I'd never seen anyone like her before or since and I'll never forget the exitment of it all. I was in the balcony and i was sure it was going to collapse from stomping, screaming frenzy of that crowd.
My identification with her was to say the least very, very strong. Tina is to me, utterly unique. She owns it all, great musicality, great intonation, great style, great energy, great moves, and above all tremendous emotional power - all wrapped up in a fabulous package. I owe her a tremendous debt. Thank god she's too much of a lady to collect."
Phil Spector
" She's the closet thing to a gem, a diamond I've ever seen. She has the roughness, the rawness she has the beauty. She shines, she's bright and most of all she's priceless. She is just a gem of a person. Always has been always will be."
Tony Joe White
"There are Stars, Super Stars and Mega Stars and then there is Tina, standing tall above them all."