Tuesday, 7 July 2009

60 is nothing for women these days...Mail Online Interview 2009

60 is nothing for women these days... in today's world you can be the woman you want to be, says Tina Turner as she takes her leg on tour again at 69

During the interval at Tina Turner's concert in Chicago last month, I was chatting to her manager, Roger Davies, when up chugged an electric buggy, its passenger smothered in a white towelling robe, nodding her head in time to an imaginary beat.
Then she raised her head, tossed back a mane of hair and unleashed that grin, the one that begins near one ear, shows all her teeth and stretches way into the other cheek.
Only Tina can wear a dressing gown as if it were a designer winter coat. She was wearing such a coat, flashing such a smile, on our first meeting on a frozen Paris afternoon 25 years ago: an elegant woman very much at odds with a stage persona that would make a burlesque dancer blush. A lady with a terrible tale to tell.