Monday, 2 September 1996

Ebony Interview 1996

Tina Turner - Interview

Ebony, Sept, 1996 by Lynn Norment

With boundless energy, Tina Turner prances into the spotlight and throws loud kisses to the 50,000 cheering fans packed shoulder to shoulder in t he soccer stadium in Bremen, Germany, "Tell me what you want!" she screams repeatedly at the crowd. "You, Tina! You, Tina!" they yell back. And then, dressed in a short, silver, metallic, T-strap dress and high heels, she gives it to them as she sassily sings "Whatever You Want," a hit from her new album, Wildest Dreams.

For two solid nonstop hours, the ageless rock diva gives an electric performance that encompasses 20 songs, six costume changes, three dancers, and a barrage of continuous video and sound wizardry that bedazzles the crowd but does not tire Tina.

The new album, just recently available in the United States, was released overseas last spring, and Tina started performing in Europe in May after rehearsing and kicking off the tour in South Africa. In the Bremen audience there are grandparents alongside people in their 50s, 40s, and 30s. And, yes, there are plenty of twenty-something fans as well as a smattering of teens and kids.

No one leaves disappointed. Against an elaborate and gigantic golden-eye backdrop, which takes its theme from the 1995 James Bond GoldenEye film for which Tina recorded the theme song, the tireless performer goes through a varied repertoire of new songs and favorite oldies. Among them are the beautiful ballad, "On Silent Wings," with clips from the video filmed in South Africa, the sultry "Private Dancer" and the sassy "Whats Love Got To Do With It," which heralded her comeback into the limelight. She also sings the triumphant "We Don't Need Another Hero," the theme from the movie Mad Max: Beyond The Thunderdome, in which she co-starred opposite Mel Gibson, Al Green's "Lets Stay Together," and "Proud Mary" from her like and Tina Turner Revue days. Through it all, she and her perfectly formed legs keep the audience thoroughly entertained with shimming, dancing and throaty vocals. And she loves every minute of it.

The next day, while relaxing in a suite in a luxury hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tina reflects on the performance, her career, her life - and her mildest dream. "I've lived it," she says, smiling warmly with sparkling eyes. "My wildest dream, after I got my divorce, was for all of this to happen," she says, making a sweeping motion with well-manicured fingers accented with subtle gold polish. "That was my wildest dream - to pack a stadium, to walk out on stage to that many people who came to see me, to know what that feels like. Now, that's a dream!"